Today in the city Tamarac 18.11.2017
Justice League: So much potential, so little payoff

At 117 minutes, Justice League — the DC Comics juggernaut featuring several of its biggest superheroes — has the pacing of a film twice its length. Despite a strong cast including Gal Gadot, Jason Mom...

Why Leaders Don't Lead, And Employee Loyalty Is Dead

Putting investors first means that employees come last, or close to it. So when leaders start talking about teamwork, collaboration, responsiveness, and adaptability... what does it mean?

Astros fans come together to return a lost hat to its owner

A massive group of Astros fans pulled off an impressive show of teamwork on Friday when they launched a coordinated effort to return a lost hat to its owner.  Per UPI, it all went down at a massi...

Japan's toxic culture of overwork drove this 31-year-old woman to death — and it looks like there's no end in sight

Miwa Sado, 31, died after working more than 150 hours in overtime in a month. Her death has been classified as "karoshi" — death by overwork. Her parents recently spoke out in the hope of preven...

Dynamic Dodgers Reach World Series With Consummate Teamwork

The Los Angeles Dodgers are headed to the World Series with a high-priced team that won 104 regular-season games and rolled through the NL playoffs with only one loss.

Grads of LifeVoice: Cyber-Attacks Against You Will Get Worse

There are a lot of people doing tremendous work to harden networks. However, it would be a lie to say we are united in efforts to become cyber secure. Our current system undermines the type of requi...

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